Happy Friday

Happy Friday is a weekly series where I share moments from the week that put a smile on my face. From new songs, gestures of kindness, new finds and more – this is where we’ll talk about the little things that fill a happy life.

It’s been a minute since I did a Happy Friday post so here’s a compilation of good vibes from this week and the week before.

  1. It’s amazing when you hear about people coming together for a common cause. It’s unheard of when you read about more than 80 random strangers forming a human chain to save a family caught in a rip current. That’s exactly what happened in Panama City Beach earlier this month. It’s more acts of kindness like this that we all need to see to remind us that regardless of race, religion, political affiliation or personal beliefs, when it comes to humanity, we’re all on the same side.
  2. Music is a passion of mine that I feel I don’t share enough of with all of you. So I’ve been making a point to share songs and artists I love every week in this series. Every now and then, you hear a song that just vibes with you. Whether it’s the voice of the artist, the way the sound makes you bob your head or how the lyrics you make you feel – there are just some songs that become “yours.” That’s how I’ve always felt about NAO’s Bad Blood. Genius (yes, the lyrics website) came out with a series on their YouTube channel featuring artists and having them share a look into their songwriting process. Learning more about a song I’ve felt so connected with made me love it even more.
  3. Sam and I were fortunate enough to find each other before the takeoff of dating apps like Tinder. While I’ll admit I’ve always been curious what that dating experience must be like, I’m happy to have missed the trend. That mess just seems stressful, single friends. But I recently read about a couple of college students who have spent the better part of a year keeping a joke going between each other with the platform.
  4. This picture is proof of my very first successful halo braid. 😂 I was very excited to have finally pulled this off. But it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for my favorite hair YouTuber, Milabu. If you don’t follow her I highly recommend that you do. She gives the best tutorials and creates some beautiful and easy-to-do do’s.
  5. OK, body talk. Who hear has heard of hip dips? Me either.. Until now. I’ve always considered my “second set of hips” a problem area. Come to learn, it’s a normal body type that I’ll probably never be able to “correct” no matter how many squats I do. Really appreciate all of the women who put their true selves on the internet. I won’t lie in that I definitely struggle with this but it’s something I’m getting more transparent with and embracing my body for what it is and not what I wish it were. Which is a good segue into #6 here.
  6. Fitness is something I truthfully struggle with and I really want to change that. I’ve always wanted to go to a boxing class and guys, I finally did it. I hurt all over and can barely lift my arms, but it was so worth it. It’s just the first step but they say the first is the hardest. Time to make it a part of my weekly routine and hopefully starting seeing and feeling the results.


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