Couple Style: Back To Basics

I don’t think it’s any secret that Sam and I are on another level when it comes to our love for one another. We put each other first and that’s always been what sets our relationship a part from the ghosts of ex’s past. We support each other, go out of our way for each other and our ultimate goal everyday is to make the other happy.

My Look

Sam’s Look

If you watched my Men’s Style Haul video from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, then you know I do all of Sam’s clothing shopping. 😉 Now, to some this might sound weird or controlling but Sam actually prefers it. He never paid much attention to his wardrobe before we got together and now he understands the value of looking as good as you feel and vice versa. I love shopping for him because it introduces me to a different vertical in style and he gets really excited when I bring him something new. We have similar taste in that we both like to keep things simple but also appreciate the little details that make something basic, elevated.

Sam has very classic style so he preserves the majority of things in his wardrobe and doesn’t necessarily “need” anything new. So when I notice things starting to show wear or think of something to help diversify his style, that’s when I’ll do a little extra shopping. His gray tennis shoes were looking pretty ratted so when I saw this pair from Cole Haan marked down to 79.90 in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I jumped on them. Sam loves this brand and I like that they’re casual shoes but still elevated enough that he can wear them to work. And these black AG Jeans were a must to help give his workwear some additional options and they’re also great for weekends out on the town.

There have been more occasions than one when we’ve started to get dressed and then looked at each other and realized we’re wearing either the same color or sometimes the exact same thing, ha ha. Any other couples out there experience this? It usually results in one of us (Sam) changing and both of us having a good laugh. For the times when we want our outfits to compliment each other, I’ll often try and find colors that are similar in shade but not necessarily the same. Like how in this shoot we styled Sam in gray and me in oatmeal. Other combinations could be gray and light blue, tan and blush pink, sage and khaki. We also like to keep things basic for the most part, styling our favorite t-shirts and denim with staples like long cardigans, jackets and booties.

What do you think of couple style? Do you and your spouse have similar styles like we do?

Today is also the last day to shop early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before it opens to the public tomorrow. Both of our looks are part of the sale and on major markdown for the next couple of weeks. I always use this sale as a great time to stock up on everyday essentials like basic tops, jeans, booties and bags.

*Note: The exact cardigan I’m wearing is currently sold out in this color, so I linked an almost exact one from the same brand that’s marked down to the same price.

My Look

Sam’s Look

If you want to see everything I got Sam from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, make sure to watch our Men’s Style Haul video on YouTube. I’ve been uploading videos everyday this week and am loving all of the great feedback I’ve been getting from all of you.


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Photos captured by Tyler Chase Photography


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