Moments At Home

It’s been half a year since I shared a Moments At Home post and now that Sam, the pups and I are settled into our new Los Angeles apartment, I’m so excited to begin the series again and share glimpses from our home with all of you. Selling our house in Florida was a tough but necessary decision and we knew that moving back to LA would mean becoming renters once again.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions from you all since we moved and I thought I would use this post as a fun way to answer some of them! 🙂

What neighborhood are you in?

We are so fortunate to have found our apartment in the beautiful neighborhood of Brentwood, just north of Santa Monica. We knew we wanted to be on the west side (which is local speak for “west of the 405 freeway”) so we could be closer to the beach and to our friends, yet also keep in mind Sam’s commute to work in Calabasas (where the Kardashians live 😂).

Since I finally have a kitchen of my own and all of my pots and pans back, I’ve been spending a lot more time cooking and preparing meals. It’s THE BEST feeling and I am not a big cooking fan. Sam and I have both been focusing on eating healthier and we’ve really upped our salad game. I recently made this summer salad with butter lettuce, sliced radishes, cucumbers, red onions and goat-gouda cheese pieces. It tasted as good as it looked so I had to share it with all of you!

Do you like it there?

We LOVE It here! We’re in such a great location and our apartment is everything we could have ever dreamed of – especially in a rental. We love exploring the neighborhood and there’s a farmer’s market every Sunday just around the corner. We buy fresh vegetables, eggs, and berries every week and recently even found this gorgeous fig leaf plant from a vendor there that’s now brightening up our living room.

How are Sookie and Bones doing?

The dogs are doing great! As soon as they saw they couch it’s like something clicked and they knew they were finally home. We’ve been living out of suitcases the last six months and Sookie and Bones have been the best little travelers, but nothing compares to getting back into our routine with them. The biggest adjustment for them has definitely been learning to be good on their leads. When we had a yard in Florida, we only took them on a walk each night before bed. Now, they’re going on about six short walks a day. It’s definitely been an adjustment but we’re working in some changes into their routines to help with the process. Anyone have any tips we should look into?

Are you still working from home?

I am! The best part about consulting and blogging is that I can literally do it from anywhere, as long as I have internet connection. (Sam and I even considered moving to Costa Rica during this whole transition!) I took a short break from work while we were figuring out logistics for the move and now that we’re settled, I’m ready to get back to creating more content and working with clients.

Do you miss Florida?

Of course, I miss Florida. All of my family is there and it will always be my first home. But home means so much more than location for me now. Now, it’s all about wherever Sam and I are together and while I miss my family every day I’m a part from them, I know we’re only a flight away.

Are you happy?

Unequivocally, yes. This is the start of a beautiful adventure for my little family and no matter where we are I’ll be happy – so long we are, together.

What do you think of our new place? Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see! I’m thinking an office tour should be next on the list. It’s my favorite room in the entire apartment.

I put together a little vlog from our moving day! You’d think after having six months to prepare for a relocation, moving day would be a breeze… It was anything but. 😂


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