Product Highlight: TRUHAIR by Chelsea Scott’s Color & Lift To Go

Go, go, go! Sometimes that’s the only speed I seem to be geared in. And when I’m always on the run I sometimes get behind on keeping up with my beauty routine. It typically starts by neglecting my nails, then maybe my brows and heaven forbid, my roots! Real talk: I seriously loathe when my hair growth starts to shine through and I get behind on my color routine. It’s THE WORST. That’s why I was so excited to learn about TRUHAIR by Chelsea Scott’s Color & Lift Root Color Powder with Thickening Fibers. If you hang out with me on Instagram, you probably saw me give a quick tutorial on this product in my story a couple weeks ago. Basically, this hair savior powder blends your hair regrowth and any pesky grays that may be interfering with your mane game, giving you a temporary and easy fix to your roots dilemma. Now, TRUHAIR has come out with their Color & Lift To Go – Precision Hair Liner (available exclusively on HSN for the next 30 days) and just like its big sister, this travel-sized product is a perfect fix for when your roots are in need of a quick assist.

The size of a tube of mascara, Color & Lift To Go is perfect for those of us who are always running at a mile a minute and can even be used as a dry shampoo because the powder absorbs natural oils in the hair making it look and feel fresh. The thickening fibers in the powder also help hair appear thicker if you’re looking for added volume. It’s made of mess-free pressed powder and has a sponge applicator that’s perfect for touching up small areas, allowing you to get the product exactly where you need it – it’s basically like concealer for your hair. I just throw mine into my beauty “emergency kit” that I keep in my purse. For something that takes up such little space, it makes a huge difference. Just take a look at my before-and-after pics for the results.

To use, I twist off the cap and place the applicator directly on the areas of hair I want to blend and cover. Gently brush the tip of the sponge like you would a brush. If you feel you need more of the powder, simply place the applicator back in the cap (that’s where the pressed powder is) for a refill and repeat the process until your roots are blended and you feel ready to slay the day. I typically stick to my part and the areas of roots that are exposed just above my ear.

Color & Lift is available in eight shades to help you find the perfect match for your hair’s color. Head over to HSN where you can find both Color & Lift products: TRUHAIR.

Would you try this product? What remedies have you tried to help correct your hair color between salon visits?


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This post was written in collaboration with TRUHAIR. All opinions are, and always will be, my own. 


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