We Moved To Los Angeles (Video)

Hey there! Remember me? There’s a lot to catch up but I’m going to try and make this long post as short as possible.

Where Are We?

The last time I published anything on this site, my life couldn’t have been further up in the air. Sam and I had sold our house in Tampa and were in the midst of job interviews in different cities, trying to determine where our next adventure would take us. Never did we imagine it would take months to put it all together but I can finally share that we are now residents of Los Angeles, California!

I started writing HappilyAudrey.com when we were in Tampa so many of you may not know that Sam and I actually lived in LA together before we made the move to the Sunshine State. Growing up in Florida, all of my family is on the east coast. While all of Sam’s, is here in Southern California. We’ve always agreed that we’d try our best to live wherever our families were and while I’ll of course miss our family and friends in Florida, I’m so excited for this next chapter in our lives and to have more time to get to know my in-laws and Cali friends!

We’ve been in LA for a little over a week now and are loving life in our new city. Sam started a new job that he gets stoked about everyday and I’m continuing to freelance in writing and communications (more on that to come later!). We’re currently in an Airbnb until our new place is ready to move into in early June. We’re currently working on some renovations that I am seriously, SO excited about!

Route 66

The other amazing thing to come out of this transition is we were able to pack up our car with a few suitcases and the puppies and drove out west. Sam and I have always talked about doing a cross-country road trip and we made the most out of it; stopping at all of the iconic Route 66 attractions, the Grand Canyon, where Elvis was born(!) – taking the pups with us every step of the way. It’s a bucket list item I can finally check off the list and can’t believe we were able to pull it off as quickly as we did. Once we decided on the move to LA, we came out here to find a spot to live, flew back to Florida, arranged for the movers to pack up our things and five days later we were on the road! I’m planning to share photos and tips from our trip soon, so keep on the lookout!

What’s Next?

One of the things I’m most excited about is that I’m going to start producing weekly vlogs of our life here in Los Angeles. In the past, I’ve done videos of our travels but now I’m going to add more and more video to this site from my YouTube channel. I’ll start with vlogs but want to evolve with more style, travel and beauty lifestyle related content for the posts I create. That will all more than likely come once we’re moved into our permanent home! I’m also going to get back to blogging on here more regularly again but will more than likely start by posting once or twice a week until we get settled and back to a semi-normal schedule.

I did put together my first vlog from our first week in Los Angeles! We only see so much of a person through pictures. This is where I’m able to share a more intimate look into our lives, our personalities and of course, our puppies!

I hope you’ll let me know what you think of the video and of our crazy life change! One thing is for sure, it is never boring with us.


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