Hello From Idaho

Well, this is a different looking kind of travel post compared to my typical sandy beaches and pool drinks pics. We’re in Boise, Idaho visiting Sam’s parents and sister! Yesterday, we went up to Bogus Basin (about 45 minutes outside of Boise) and Sam and his sister, Kendra, went snowboarding. Needless to say, my time with snow is limited and I have never done any snow activity. While I intended to spend time with a trainer learning the ropes, the beginner’s lift was down and I took it as a sign to sit the day out and just observe. I did play the role of photographer and got some awesome shots of Sam and Kendra shredding down the mountain (If you look closely at that chairlift pic, you’ll see Sam eating it 😂). 

About an hour before we left, it just started DUMPING snow! Which for me, was probably just as fun as snowboarding was for Sam and Kendra. While I’ve been in snow before, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen snow fall from the sky like this. It was so fluffy and soft, I felt like a tourist seeing Mickey for the first time at Disney World. And yes, the locals were making fun of me as much as I make fun of them in Florida. 😁

We travel back home tomorrow. Cannot wait for some puppy kisses! I’ll share more from our trip, including our excursion to the Kirkham Hot Springs, later this week.


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