How I Knew Sam Was The One

I’m often asked how I knew Sam was the one and in all honesty there was never one singular, epic moment. Once I knew I wanted to spend my life with him, all of my doubt disappeared and everything became so clear. Clear that we put each other above ourselves, clear that we respected each other for what makes us different, clear that we wanted to spend a lifetime adventuring together.

Instead of sharing with you the milestones that led to our marriage, I thought I’d share some of my favorite qualities that I admire most in Sam and ultimately led me to realize he was the one.

He tries.

I am the kind of person who expects everything to be perfect. It’s a fatal flaw that I’ve had to self-manage throughout my entire life. Putting everything I do on an elevated level is difficult enough for me to handle, imagine what it’s like for my partner. While no one (even me) is capable of always reaching the expectations I set for myself – Sam tries. And through some sort of backdoor hack in my mind, the more he tries (and often, fails) the more my need for perfection lessens and lessens and the more we’re able to live in the moment.

He’s always learning.

If I am a ceaselessly curious person, Sam is an obsessively ceaselessly curious person. I learn something new from him everyday and he wants to learn as much as he can from me and others. I always try to have the mindset that I have everything to learn and being married to Sam has opened me up to so many new things. We don’t always agree on the topics we discuss but we’re able to have respectful and intelligent conversations and don’t live in fear of expressing how we truly feel, even if it’s different from each other.

He’s up for anything.

If you’ve been a reader or Instagram follower of mine for awhile now, you know how much Sam and I love to travel and adventure. Growing up, I didn’t travel much with my family. We had the beach within a two hours drive and that’s where we went for our holidays. I didn’t go anywhere outside of the state of Florida until I was sixteen. Since Sam and I have been together, I’ve added eight countries to my passport. He’s always up for the adventure and trying something new, making everyday fun and unexpected.

He’s inspiring.

Sam is a very driven person. Whether it’s training for his next triathlon, adjusting and learning new recipes for my diet restrictions or seeing how fast he can run from the car and back when one of us forgets our sunglasses – Sam is always challenging himself to be better, faster, stronger. There are so many qualities he has that I wish I did – especially the quality of being a morning person.

He loves me.

While this needs little explanation it’s also the hardest to explain. To love someone is already an overwhelming and complicated emotion to contain, but to be loved by that person in return – well, that’s a fireworks show that never ends.


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