A Very Furry (And Adorable) Christmas

Tis’ the season and nothing makes me jollier than watching Sookie and Bones see how many rooms in the house they can chase and play with each other in. But since we’re spending the holidays at my mom’s this year, we get double the cuteness with her two rescue babies also in the mix! It’s like a doggy slumber party every night over here with the way these four play.

Sam and I were out doing a little last minute Christmas shopping and came across some puppy sweaters and collars that we just had to get for all of the fur babes and it turned into a barrel of laughs and happy moments. Usually, I would expect dogs to dislike putting on any form of clothing but these four are a Motley Crew – they loved it! Sookie and Bones started wrestling and running in circles throughout the house, where Kramer (my mom’s 75 pound hound) strutted from room to room in his Christmas onesie and Gigi (her 12 year old Lab mix) just rolled from side to side on the carpet showing off her new bling.

We took the puppy party up a notch by letting the pups open an early Christmas present. We received these SPIKE treats from Petcurean and they’ve all been patiently waiting for the time to open them up and dig in! And as you can tell from the pics, they got everyone’s undivided attention. Watching big ole’ Kramer sit patiently next to the tree in that Christmas onesie, had me in tears! SPIKE treats contain premium quality meat proteins, anti-oxidants and superfoods like chia, pomegranate and kale, using only all natural ingredients, with zero by-products, added growth hormones, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. And these guys couldn’t get enough of the goodness!

The goodies put the pups in such high spirits, it spread to all of us! With all of the hot weather we’ve been having here in Florida it’s been difficult to really embrace the Christmas season but this was the first day I felt that glimmer of extra happiness that comes with being home for the holidays.

How are you spending the holidays this year? I hope you and your family have a wonderful season no matter what holiday you celebrate! I still can’t believe 2017 is right around the corner!


Special thanks to Petcurean for sponsoring this post! All opinions are, and always will be, my own.

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