How To Grow Out Your Pixie Cut Within A Year

I’ve spent the better part of this year growing out my pixie cut and am finally at the point where I can see flowing locks of bouncing long curls on the horizon. I’m a dreamer when it comes to hair growth because imagining a time when my hair is no longer considered “short” often seems like an impossible task. A couple of years ago I took the plunge and asked my stylist for an edgy pixie cut and I loved having short hair! It was liberating and there were times I felt more feminine and confident than I ever did with my long hair. But two years have passed and I’m ready for something new and this time I can’t exactly go back to the drawing board. I’ve got to focus on growth and it’s been a tedious task. I started the journey in January and now my hair is brushing the tops of my shoulders and it’s stronger and shinier than ever!

Here are my tips for healthily and successfully growing out your pixie cut within a year.


Start At The Back

I was fortunate in that my particular haircut was longer in the front, already shaping my face. So when it came to growing out the cut, my stylist and I discussed getting the back of my hair to catch up with the front. So my monthly visits to his chair continued for the first quarter of the year so we could keep the front tailored, hopefully distracting anyone from noticing just how messy the back of my head actually was. I don’t think there was much distracting from that but it was a necessary to get the process going.

Side To Side

Once my back layers started to catch up we focused on the sides. By April, the front of my hair mimicked that of an inverted bob which was a great milestone for me! That meant the hard part was almost over and within another two to three months, the back layers should be all caught up. By this point, I had scaled back my visits for a trim (still focusing only on the front) to every other month.


By the time summer came around, my back layers were officially grown out! Though, they still hadn’t caught up the rest of my hair. The good part is that the hard work was finally done! This is when I started taking Biotin to help fuel the process. I know you’re probably asking why I didn’t start in the first place but in all honesty, my hair already grows really fast. I was afraid if I started it right away, it’d be unruly to manage and I’d have to get my hair dyed every three weeks instead of every four. If you color your hair with a pixie cut, your roots are so obvious much faster than when you have some length on you! So I waited until this point and started to scale back on cuts every two to three months.


By the end of summer, my bob was officially here! I wish I had taken a before photo the time I had my hair treated right before NYFW. The back of my hair had finally outgrown the front and we had to trim it up to give my hair the right shape. This is when I first felt like my hair was officially “grown out.” That’s also when I switched up what I treated my hair with, adding in a hair oil for shine and using a heat protectant product before each blow out.

Grow, Baby.. Grow!

I feel like my hair is growing an inch a month. That’s probably an exaggeration but it’s at a point where it looks longer every time I catch myself in the mirror. I’m finally at a point where I can style, curl and even braid it and I’ve been obsessively watching YouTube hair tutorials like it’s my job. With new ways to style, I’m still super cautious of how much heat I subject my locks to, especially around the ends. I want those to stay thick and strong so I don’t apply as much heat there as I do the rest of my hair, helping go even longer between haircuts.

Have you ever grown out a short haircut before? What do you think of these tips? I’m on a mission to have long hair again! My next milestone is to be able to pull my hair into a ponytail without any falling out of the back. It’s the little things! 🙂


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