A Quick Trip To Siesta Key (VLOG)

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Ever since Sam and I moved to Florida a few years ago, we are constantly challenging ourselves to live life like we’re on vacation. Whether it’s waking up early to get a sunrise paddle boarding session in, drinking out of coconuts by our pool or escaping to a new beach for the weekend – we love living in Florida and the coastal life that comes with it. An Olympic triathlon had been on Sam’s bucket list for awhile now, and when he was searching for a place to take his first stab at the challenge, a race in one of Florida’s most coveted beach towns definitely topped the list. So last weekend we packed up the pups, his bike and an overnight bag and headed for Siesta Key.

Located just outside of Sarasota (about an hour and a half from where we live in Tampa), Siesta Key is always rated at the top of the country’s best beaches to visit. The west coast of Florida is by far my favorite when it comes to the Sunshine State and Siesta Key embodies all of the features that make the Gulf Coast the best coast, in my humble Floridian opinion: white sands, calm waters, clean beaches, amazing sunsets and charming local watering holes and businesses – you won’t find a Starbucks on the entire key.

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While we only stayed for the night this trip (we left for New York the day after the triathlon), we made sure to head out to the beach and take in the sunset Friday night. There is nothing like a Florida sunset and anytime we go anywhere, we make the time to take it in. We opted for a small beach that’s located north of the public access area and took in the last moments of daylight with local fishermen trying to grab a catch for dinner and kids who were splashing in the Gulf’s warm waters. We watched boats go in and out of harbor and just imagined what life will be like one day when we have a boat of our own. Ever since our honeymoon to the British Virgin Islands, Sam and I have always said that when we retire we want to buy a catamaran and just sail around the Caribbean — the dream.

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When it came time for the race, I could definitely tell that Sam was nervous. He’s always been athletic (putting me to shame with his 10k runs before I even get out of bed in the mornings), but has never done a full triathlon even in his training. I made it my duty to be the best cheer-wife at the race and made sure he heard my ‘woo hoos’ every chance I got. I was so impressed with how well Sam performed for his first race! He finished 1st in his age group and 12th overall – my husband is a BOSS!

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I put together this video diary of our trip and you’ll get to see me chasing and cheering on Sam around the race course. I was definitely ‘that wife’ during the entire triathlon. Haha, no shame in my wifey game.

Have you ever participated in a triathlon or been to Siesta Key? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


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