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Not too long ago, I introduced this Moments At Home series and was surprised by how many comments you all left. Sam and I put so much sweat and love into these four walls and it’s always so rewarding to know other people enjoy it, too. This month, we reached a new milestone in homeownership: Yard Of The Month. I kid you not, we got back from a trip to find this sign posted up in our front yard!


If you follow either Sam or I on Snapchat, you probably saw that I took it upon myself to award our yard with a faux YOTM as Sam’s gift for our third wedding anniversary. He puts SO MUCH effort into keeping our yard 100 and we had never gotten this ‘distinguished’ award (lmao), so I setup signs for him to find on his way back from a run. But now, we’ve got the real deal and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him more proud.


I am such a fan of gallery walls and this is just a snippet of the one we have in our living room. I’ve mentioned this before, but I absolutely love incorporating vintage finds into our decor. We picked up this window at a local market last year and I use it as a way to share memories from when we and our family were young.

Our rose bush just keeps blooming and I absolutely love being able to pick off a dozen or so at a time. This ring I’m wearing is from and it’s so special to me. I love it’s classic design and unique stone. One of the very first vacations Sam and I ever took together was to the Dominican Republic where this special stone is found and these jewels are made. The bright blue hue reminds me of the bright blue ocean I love so much. I wear this ring often to remind me throughout the day to continue working towards the things that make me happiest in life – this beautiful husband of mine, the sea and a future where they both meet.

While Sam and I try to cook as often as possible, sometimes there just isn’t the time. We work really hard to maintain a healthy diet and being pescatarians, our options are sometimes limited. We recently discovered Fitlife Foods here in Tampa which offers healthy, pre-cooked meals that you can pick up fast-food style and enjoy at home. We’ve had a few of these yummy meals and my favorite is by far the Mexican Veggie Melt – so. good. We’re actually attending one of their grand opening events for a new location close by next week!

When I first started working in an office environment, I truly dreamed of being able to have my dogs beside me while I hustled through the daily grind. Working from home for the last few years, this dream has come true and these two are the best coworkers a gal could ask for. In case you haven’t met before, Sookie (on the left) and Bones are my fur babes and while they can sometimes be a little too ambitious in pleasing their boss throughout the work day, they seriously make everyday so much fun.


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