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Owning a home has always been a dream of mine and when Sam and I got together that dream only got bigger. We’ve moved around so much in our short relationship that as soon as we realized we’d be able to spend some years living in Tampa, we jumped on the opportunity to own our little space on this big blue planet. We’ll have been in our place two years this September and I just love the time we spend together building and growing not only our home, but each other. I’ve always believed that home is more of a feeling than a place but being able to put that feeling into our little house brings so much happiness to our day-to-day lives that I wanted to share some special moments from our four walls in a new Moments At Home series.

Homeownership can sometimes feel like a full-time job and I’d like to make this series a place to share our learnings as new homeowners as well as bits of inspiration that you’ll hopefully want to bring into your own home.


Fresh-cut blooms from our single rose bush. Can you believe we’ve had more than a dozen buds pop open in less than two weeks? Sam read about adding used coffee grounds to the bed of the bush to give it an extra oomf and it’s made such a difference!

Aside from the roses and candles, both vases and the metal serving trays are vintage finds from markets and estate sales. I just love adding pieces that have been a part of someone else’s story into our’s!


Another mix of old and new, this little bar cart I found on Craigslist and refurbished has been such a great addition to our home. I’ve used it for storage in my office and now I’m actually able to use it as the little bar it was meant to be. For summer, I’ve stocked it with our favorite spirits to enjoy by the pool.

When you work from home, sometimes Happy Hour is best served in your own backyard. Or in our case, on the lanai with our toes dipped in the pool.


We recently decided to start adding plants to the front and back of the house. In doing research, I found that planters can actually get pretty pricey – especially the cute ones. When I saw these hanging concrete planters at Target for only $14.99 I swooped them up and lined them along the hooks at the back of our lanai. These bright pink annuals really gave us that pop of color we were looking for!


And everyday I work away at my desk with this sleepy fella on the chair in my office. I always dreamed of being able to work with my dogs close by and this picture just makes me even more motivated to keep hustling so this dream continues to stay a reality.

What are some of your favorite moments at home? Is there anything you’d like to see or questions you have for my next Moments At Home post?


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