Why I’m Excited About Turning 30

Traditionally, the older we get the more we find ourselves dreading turning another year older. It seems after 25, there’s just not that much to get excited for but with every new year I reach, the more thankful I am for having the opportunity to have spent another year loving this life. This week I celebrated my 30th birthday, and I can confidentially say that this is the year I am the most excited about.

I have a tendency of reflecting on life more often than most people (I’d assume). I’m constantly analyzing my decisions; comparing where I am in life now to where I was 10 years ago, 1 year ago, even yesterday. While I’ve lived my life more fortunate than I could ever express gratitude for, for the first time I feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. For the first time, I am truly happy.

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I have a wonderful husband who values his relationship with me on the same unparalleled level I value him. We have a beautiful home with family and friends within close reach. We both have made decisions in our careers and personal lives to further increase value in our happiness and future, even turning down opportunities to climb a corporate ladder to pursue a simpler life simply loving each other.

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My friends are some of the most incredible people in the world who go out of their way to lift me the way that I want to lift them. They challenge me, love me and impress me everyday. My family has grown with nieces and nephews and now, in-laws who add so much more depth to what family really stands for.

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Personally, I know who I am and I love who I’ve become. Through my teens and twenties, I was constantly struggling with “who I wanted to be.” My confidence teetered and I had more self doubt than self worth. My attempt to mask my doubt with confidence was often misinterpreted for pretentiousness and I made more mistakes than wins – but you know what? All of those stepping stones were leading me to this moment, this time in my life when I’ve failed enough to know what it takes to win. When I first starting writing this post I thought I’d share the learnings I wish I knew when I was 20 but then I thought – what good is trying to change the past when what I can really control is my future?

My 30’s will be my best years yet. No matter what hardships come my way, I know I can conquer them because I have my beautiful husband, family and friends to support me – but more than that, I have myself. I have my confidence, my street smart, my priorities and my happiness. Sometimes I get the feeling my positivity can give off the wrong vibe, like everything I have comes so easily to me. But the reality is, happiness takes work. The hardest work I’ve ever put into the universe. And with every year I’m given on this earth, I will work harder and harder to keep that happiness growing. It is the most valuable gift I’ve ever been given and now, as I find myself surrounded by well wishes and presents for my special day, it is still the only gift I need.

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Day to you. Happy Life for all.



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